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Hi Pickle Eyes,
Thanks for stopping by to say hi..ehehe:)

I went on Ortho-Tricyclen when I was about eighteen to help with my periods since they were so painful. I switched to Ortho-Lo when it came out. I have two step daughters, but I myself have never been pregnant & have been on the pill continuously for about eleven years now. The Gyn said I should switch back to regular Ortho-Tricyclen which I am considering, but still want someone else's input on it before I make the switch.

Hello Estria,
They did a CT SCAN when I went to the emergency department with & without contrast which showed rim enhancing R adnexal lesion which may just be a cyst, a TOA isn't excluded if the pt. has sx's of PID. Pelvic ultrasound may be helpeful. So, later they wheeled me back upstairs for an ultrasound. They did do both, external & transvaginal. That preliminary report came back collapsed appearing complex 3cm rt ovarian cyst, with free fluid--c/wruptured cyst. No TOA. No torsion. Left ovary--normal appearing; no flow seen at left ovary but prob due to technical reasons as the ovary is not enlarged or edematous.

The hospital told me to follow up with my primary & my GYN. I have not been too jazzed with my GYN to begin with, and saw a different doctor in her office for this. Now, I am even more inclined to get a new GYN. My primary stated 3 mo ultrasound & possible surgery to remove it. This lady said switch birth control, and that was her entire plan & what is left should go away. If this is the same cyst that has been giving me problems, there as been no follow up on it lately. I did a couple rounds of ultrasounds over a year ago. There was no mention of it after my laparascopy. After they decided the cysts I was getting were simple, they pretty much just stopped monitoring them, despite me telling them the pain was actually getting worse if anything. Now I realize this sucker was getting ready to blow, so that was likely the source of all the discomfort.

I ordered the final pathology reports from the hospital. I think I may call my insurance & pursue the second opinion option. Having her tell me it will go away & not ordering future ultrasounds did not sound right to me, and I was curious of others thoughts on this. Especially since the ultrasound doesn't give any sort of hint as to what type of complex cyst it might be, I am not really comfortable having some foreign matter floating in my pelvic area for possible eternity...not really my idea of a good time...

Thank you both for your input. I will let you know what else I find out. One thing is for certain though, I have always found this board to be more supportive & helpful than most if not all of the doctors I have seen throughout the years. Never knew how bad our medical system is until I actually really needed it....

How are you both doing???

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