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What is cin111
Oct 3, 2008
i just found out yesterday i have cin111 have an appointment for the hospital next week does anyone anyone else feel like its a dream. my doctor says dont panic easy for him to say
Re: What is cin111
Oct 3, 2008
[QUOTE=sarahnelson75;3749889]anyone anyone else feel like its a dream. my doctor says dont panic easy for him to say[/QUOTE]

:raises hand:


I've always had good paps - every year for the past 26 years (plus or minus) since I was 19. I went for my pap in December 07. My doctor did the pap and the HPV/dna test. The pap came back normal, but the HPV came back positive for high risk HPV.

From there I went to a gynecologist for a colposcopy and ECC. In March, my gyno did the colpo and it looked "great" - she didn't take any biopsies. The ECC came back "atypical glandular epithelial lesions" and adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS). A few weeks later (early April), I had a cold knife cone biopsy. It came back adenocarcinoma Ia1. I was diagnosed on April 11th. From there, I had an appointment with a gyn/oncologist and had a hyst 2 months later.

I was in a TOTAL fog for 5 months. I couldn't believe it.

What kinds of procedures have you already had? What is your appointment for? Do you know what type of atypical cells you have? (glandular/columnar or squamous)?

Write back! :)
Re: What is cin111
Oct 6, 2008
This definately puts you in a FOG. It's so much information suddenly. That's why I was happy I found this board. It's offered a great deal of advice, feedback and most of all support. I've had to take a break for a while but I just had to come many great women here!:)

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