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I just posted this on the women's health board, but after reading some posts here, thought I'd add it with a few edits on this board as well...

I had a pap come back abnormal last week and received a call from my doctor stating I needed a colposcopy ASAP. I had it today. I was happy that I was able to see it on a monitor while he did it. I have some questions on what I saw. He used the vinegar solution and iodine. There was a TON of white tissue with abnormal borders as well as 3 pimple looking things. He took a biopsy of the 3 bumps and scraped the inside of the cervix for some tissue samples too. When he applied the iodine, there was a definite border between the normal, healthy tissue and all the white areas. He said I'd get the results in about a week but I'm just looking for any type of info from someone who has been through this before. I'm not panicked but definitely a little nervous because I know that white tissue signifies an abnormality...there was just so MUCH of it.

He prescribed folic acid because he said it helps with abnormal cervical cell changes. Has anyone heard of this? Also, I was wondering about problems after the biopsy. He stopped the bleeding with this gunky stuff when he was done and I've only had mild spotting, but some pretty severe cramping all day. He said there should be no pain afterward. I'd say on a scale of 1-10 it's about a 7. It feels like the beginning stages of labor, to be honest. Aside from that I feel ok...if that's possible considering how much it hurts. lol

Any advice/info/humorous thoughts would be greatly appreciated right now. The white parts of my cervix looked like a map. Oooooh, is it a treasure map hidden deep inside me? The doctor didn't find that comment quite so funny but hey, I gotta make light of the situation or I'll go CRAZY!!

And now for the edits...

As far as symptoms go, I've been having issues with abnormal periods for the last 2-3 years. Because of the type of insurance I had only covering pap tests every 2 years (can you believe that?!), I had to go 2 years in between. I now have better insurance, thankfully. Anyways, back to the symptoms. My periods have ranged from extremely heavy (changing a tampon every hour for a couple days) to no more than mild spotting, but I always have large clots ranging in size from the size of a quarter to the size of a small plum. I bleed after pelvic exams and sex frequently. I have bouts of SEVERE pain in my lower back going down my legs frequently, and always have a ton of discharge. I spot a lot in between periods too. I've been trying to tell the doctor something feels very wrong and I'm so exhausted constantly. He tested my thyroid and did the usual blood work but everything was normal except for slightly elevated WBC. Does any of this seem to be related?

One more quick edit: The doc said something about atypical squamous epithelial cells. Dunno what that means. Is that typically seen with HPV or cancer or pre-cancerous changes or what??
I'm not sure if he did ECC. All he said was that he was scraping a few cells off the cervical opening. He just used that brush thing that reminds me of what a dentist uses to clean between your teeth. lol If he didn't do if & this comes up negative for cancer, should I ask him to do one? I've read here and in other places that other people have had "normal" results after a colposcopy & biopsy, but diagnosed only after ECC. Honestly, with all the problems I've had over the years (numerous cysts, messed up periods, scraping the uterine lining out due to precancerous cells), I'd much rather just have a hyst & be done with it. I'm 32, I have 3 kids, and have no real use for defective female parts anymore. ;)

I also forgot to mention in the 1st post that the doc already stated that he identified high risk HPV cells when he did the pap.
Hi, I read your post and it sounds very much like what I just went through about a month ago. I had the colposcopy and ECC because I had an abnormal PAP, and had Atypical squamis cells. All of my test results came back benign which was awesome, but now we are looking into the abnormal periods, discharge, bleeding with sex, back pain and leg pain. They did find some cysts on my left ovary that they are now looking into. I don't know if any of this can help you, but it does tell you that you are definitely not alone in this. So I would say that if the results come back benign, ask for a pelvic ultrasound to see what else could be causing the abnormal periods and pain.

Best of luck to you with everything. Keep us posted when you get your results.


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