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I am actually seeing two Dr's...not sure how this will make out with insurance. What happened was in July when I got my first Ascus, they had me return in 3 mos. It was Ascus/hpv neg again so they told me to return in 1 year. I wasn't comfortable with that and went to another gyn 6 mos later who was more conservative and repeated the pap w/ colpo at that time. It was still ascus and she wanted to follow me in 6 mos which would've been by 1 yr with the other dr. I returned this time at 1 yr to my original dr or should I say NP. The NP is the one who offered up aldara after my persistent pushing but that's also the office that said return in 1 year and the one that does not automatically order hpv if your pap is good. The 2nd dr I mentioned actually does hpv with ALL paps and even offers an annual test that is like a mini colpo where she wipes the cervix to get an initial view of what the pap is likely to return. I say all of that to say that each has been progressive in its own way but my entire pix has been developed by using 2 dr's (btw...i make sure each dr has the records/results of the other).

With that said, I am located near the IL/ IN border and see one dr in IN (aldara offer) which is a womens health speacialist office and one in IL( hpv w/ all paps and mini colpo annually) and she is a private practitioner in RP, Il. She's really patient with all of her patients....even does the "old fashioned" talk in her office about concerns after your initial on tv... LOL. Only problem is I'm not a fan of her front office all.

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