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Hello mommyandwifey,

I all too well know that desire for a normal pap. And you might remember me. You and I share similar results. Last December I got an ASCUS pap with HPV negative results. The colposcopy / biopsy also came up ASCUS 2 weeks later. In january I had cryo. April pap was still ASCUS - HPV negative but the July pap came up normal with no hpv. Now I sit waiting for the next go around which comes up at the end or January. Who knows what that will reveal but I'm hopeful.

Have you not had any treatment at all? Is your doctor doing the "watchful waiting" approach? I would have been fine with that approach too but I think after a year you are entitled to closure.

Do ask your doctor if your condition makes you a good candidate for cryo. It sounds like it does because you describe "minor abnormal cells". That sounds like what my doctor told me during the colpo. Whatever I had she described it as "very mild". The whole cryo procedure was 3-4 minutes. I was in at 11am and at noon I was having lunch!

Let us know the result of any talk with your doctor. We're all in this together and we're here to support and comfort you.

All the Best,
THanks again ladies.

Brieaukirsch...where have you glad to see you back and for your advice!! I remember you were the first to respond to my very first post. You've made me remember that I have made progress. At the time of my first post after my first abnormal pap, I couldn't sleep (which is how I found the board), couldn't eat and was convinced I wouldn't be here long :-). While I'll never be "comfortable" with this situation, I'm certainly not that girl of 1year ago so thanks for that reminder. My colpo did conclude that it was atypia and they did not see dysplasia however the path did seem to describe the abnormalities and was suspicious of but not conclusive of HPV....however all the tests so far have been negative so who really knows.....maybe it's negative for high risk HPV but positive for low risk which is not tested for but from what I understand can still cause minor changes of cervical cells.

I will discuss cryo or the other procedure with the NP and/or Dr when I get my other results.'s a year later and we're still here...kickin', fightin' and WINNING!!
I have really been struggling with herpes so I haven't read these boards in a long time...though I'm back now because I need a cone (the herpes put a major dent in my immune system causing the hpv run amok).

I'm not sure of the difference between atypia and dysplasia. "Only" atypia was noted in my last biospy, but I think there was so much of it spanning such a large surface area that they deemed the result dysplasia. I'm guessing a few slightly atypical cells here and there is what you have...and not grossly irregular cells, either. ASCUS is milder than LSIL. ASCUS can't confirm lesions, LSIL is the confirmed presence of lesions. If there was something very strikingly wrong about the cells, like bi or multinucleation (instead of "just" large, hollow nuclei) then the pathologist would (or should) have called it LSIL and then you would be looking at a stronger case for ablative treatment. If you are really worried about it you could 1) ask another path to read it (it's actually a tech that screens it, THEN passes the abnormal ones to the pathologist...scary) or 2) ask for a low risk hpv test (don't know the name, not sure labs routinely use it).

Pathologists almost never agree. It really sucks, we need more than just tired human eyes looking at 1000s of molecular tests or staining or something. Ask the path straight up: what makes you think it's suspicious for hpv?.............if he says something about irregular nuclei, especially large nuclei, or more than one nucleus per cell...............then it's most likely hpv.

As you say the low risk is another definite possibility and cryo or laser would take care of that and I'd bet money you will never see it again.

Yes, don't worry, you will be here next year and the year after and the year after and on!
Thanks Marie...well this particular Dr is recommending a return in 1 year with no treatment. I am not in agreement with that so I'm planning to return to my 2nd Dr. in 6 mos. If there is no change at that time, I am going to discuss my options including cryo. The Dr. mentioned aldara cream which has to be applied directly to the cervix twice per week in the dr's office. I read about this briefly in the past and heard some horror stories. Apparently it's supposed to boost your immune system locally in the cervical area to try to get the cells to regenerate normally. Have you heard anything about this?

You are correct, it doesn't leave your mind. Even if I get a normal pap (hopefully next time), I'll forever be a bit anxious around pap smear time probably for life. However, I'm trying to find some bit of relief in the fact that the pap has not progressed and I continue to test negative for HPV. I'm really starting to believe that what's going on is there may be a low risk strain that may be causing this abnormal pap. Low risk HPV is not picked up on the HPV test. The test is specific to high risk HPV. I'm not sure but at this point, I don't have to fret the waiting for results again until after the holiday. Just waiting for the call of test results is nerve wrecking./

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