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I'm 45 and went to my primary care for an annual exam. Blood results showed an elevated CA 125 test. Lab blood work reads normal range to be from 0 - 35 u/ML and mine was at 40. I've never had this test before. Is it specifically for cervical & ovarian cancer? Does a 40 on the CA 125 mean that "yes" there is some type of cancer in my body because there is a higher level of protein in my blood than normal? Or could it be a million other possibilities? I'm not that worried, yet because I don't know enough. Lab results also showed neutrophils where high 79.7 from a 30 - 70 normal range and lymphs low at 12.9 from a 21 - 40 normal range. Are these three related? I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on November 5th. I was instructed to drink 40 oz of water up until one hour before ultrasound. Is that going to be pretty painful? My menstruation is coming about the same day I'm scheduled for the ultrasound? Could that make a difference when my hormones are all wacko? The only pain I'm experiencing is a little discomfort on my left pelvic area every now and then and recently back ache which could both be hormonal related and numbness on my entire right leg up to my hip.
I'm currently being treated for a family history of hypothyroidism and high blood pressure for years now.
Help me out. Any information or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.:wave:

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