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Well, let's see... Recently I have been worried about having cervical cancer. My sister (Who has HPV) has had pre-cancerous cells twice now. Once when she was around my age (21) and she has them again now. (She's 24.) I am sexually active and have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now. This being said, I haven't had a pap smear for about 6 months before I got with him, in which time I had had sex with a couple other guys. (I was 19.) I used a condom with all of them, except one, and from that one guy, I got chlamydia, which I know is a risk factor of cervical cancer. When I did have my pap smear, I had only had sex with one person, but now it's been more, and I'm worried. I've been kind of crampy the past couple days. Just mild cramps, but they are still there. I've been VERY tired. I can go to slept at like 9 PM and sleep until noon or later the next day, still feeling tired when I wake up. I haven't been doing anything that would make me tired.. Also, to add, after I used the restroom today, I whipped and there was a bit of blood. (It was red, but only a little bit..) It's gone now, but that was earlier. If this is cervical cancer, and I am bleeding from it, could it have progressed to the point where it's no longer treatable. (Within the 2 1/2 years? Please answer this question... :( )

So, I'm very worried it's cervical cancer. I am setting up an appointment this week.. I just had to save the money to go.

Also; Could these be signs of pregnancy? I got off my period about 18 days ago.. But is cramping a symptom of pregnancy?

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