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Hi Jabelli, I don't have a lot of experience with squamous cells, but it tell you what I know.

The concerning part (to me) is that there aren't clear margins. That means a lesion (or more) was all the way to the edge of the tissue sample. A LEEP singes the edges of the sample, so it is more difficult to determine how clear the margins are.

I would like to strongly encourage you to get an appointment with an gyn/onc. I don't know how bad HSIL is. Is that equivalent to CinII or CINIII? I know they are different rating systems, but I don't know what is equal to what. If HSIL is equal to CINII or III, then yes, get that appointment.

It is possible that you might need a cold knife cone biopsy. CKCs have clean edges on the samples. After my CKC, my gyn took the LEEP wire and singed the edges of my intact uterus to cauterize it to reduce bleeding.

That's about all I know right now. Take it easy and let your body heal.

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