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Hi there. Did you test positive for hrhpv? That would be the determining factor in whether to treat. A cone biopsy is too aggressive for CIN 1 if it is not persistent. A wait and watch for 3 months may be appropriate at this point, but this decision needs to be made between you and your doc. Sometimes a LEEP can be done in place of a cone.

I was in your position, but my CIN 1 recurred in less than 3 months to involve half my ectocervix AND part of my endocervix even while I was on naturopathic treatments. The extent of endocervical involvement could not be determined. I've been hrhpv+ for the last 2 years so I was no longer comfortable with the "watch and wait." I also have genital herpes. So, on Friday, I traveled out of town and had a laser ablation...a shallow top hat ablation...followed by an ablation of the transformation zone...I begged the gyn to laser deeper, but 3mm is all he would do because I'm young and have no children. ARGH. I pray enough thermal damage was done to call the white blood cells to remove this stupid hpv for good. I can't say how well it worked, because I have to wait a minimum of four months to retest, but this is how I chose to manage my CIN 1 and you could try to find a doc willing to do this.

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