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At the time of the colp he did biopsy 4 spots but before he did that also repeated the PAP. I have always REALLY liked this gyn, and we all know how hard those are to find! I am now starting to re-evaluate this situation though because he seemed a little hesistant to give me a refferal to someone else.

I work for the huge health-care provider of our area and because of that I can only have testing and procedures done at their facilities. When he recommeded this cone, I told him that I would need to be referred to someone in my healthplan (he is a provider but does not have provelages at any of the hospitals). He said that he would have his billing person look into it. I was insistent that he would be wasting his time as I just had to re-new my benefits and am positive of my agreement. My husband was with me at the time and demanded that we get the referral, and he did not seem very happy about it. Also, as my husband wasasking basic questions about the chances of infertility with this procedure since we have no children together yet, he just told my husband not to be a "worry wart" and that everything would be fine. I did not appreciate that answer very much.

I know that so much is still unknown about HPV and how it can progress, but I would like to think that my physician could be slightly more compassionate about this. I will be requesting that my records be given to me. I feel like such an idiot for not having done it by this point. I have always been very trusting with my current doc. He always seemed to be pretty well educated about HPV. When I did research before on the ASCUS findings, it seemed reasonable to me at the time (18 years old) that I didn't have much to worry about. At this point I am just growing frustrated!! I hope that the oncologist is able to answer some of my questions!

As a side note, I know a few women who said that they were kept overnight after their procedure. It seems to me that this is out of the ordinary, is that correct? I also am curious as to whether I can be expecting my biopsy results the day of surgery?

Thank you so much for your reply and understanding!

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