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I recently posted saying I had just gone in for a colp and my Dr called me back saying I need to go in for LEEP and the 1st available appt is Jan 21st. Which I think is way too long to go. so i am going to call around and see if i can get in with a gyn oncologist ( the dr i saw was an ob/gyn). i went in and got a copy of my pathology report from the colp/biopsy and these are the results, any insight on what they mean would be great!!!

speciman A: Endocervical curettings
B: 12 o'clock cervical biopsy
C: 11 o'clock cervical biopsy
D: 7 o'clock " "

A: ECC: Rare severely dysplastic cells are present. (this is the one that has me nervous!!!)

B: severe dysplasia/ CIN III

C: severe dysplasia/ CIN III

D: Endocervical fragment with chronic inflammation

Can anyone help decipher this? When my Dr gave me the results over the phone she was very vague and just said that the biopsy confirmed severe dysplasia.
Thanks in advance!

Hi Lindsay, I know you are looking into getting another doctor, I'd like to suggest with so much CINIII and the below quoted informatin, I wouldn't wait around for your doctor (who only does LEEP a few days per month) and look for a gyn/oncologist. My gyn/onc doesn't take any woman who has less than a CINII results. So with CIN III I think it is purdent to go ahead and get a specialist's advice.


A: ECC: Rare severely dysplastic cells are present. (this is the one that has me nervous!!!)

I've looked high and low for this and I don't know what it is. Did the report say anything about squamous or glandular? Clear cell? small cell?

I'm stumped.
Thank you for writing back! Im really freaking out a little. Especially at the one line "ECC: Rare severely dysplastic cells are present." I have also looked all over the internet and have found nothing! That speciman shows it was "Endocervical Curettings"....what does that mean?
Also, the only other info I can really find on here is "High Grade SIL".....

Any info is much, much, much appreciated.

Also I did make an appt for 2 weeks from now with a gyn/onc. I have the initial appt to go over everything and they said assuming I will need the LEEP they can book it within 2 weeks of my 1st appt.
The S in SIL is squamous. That's better (in my opinion) than glandular. Squamous cells are found on the exocervix (the lower 1/3 of the cervix) and glandular are the upper 2/3. Aytpical squamous cells grow more slowly than atypical glandular ones.

The ECC (endocervical curettage) is a scraping of the cervical canal (think of the hole of a donut). It is the only non-surgical say to sample the cells in the cervical os (the hole). I'm glad your doctor did one of those. In my experience, it hurts, but it was sooooo worth knowing the results (mine was adenocarcinoma in situ - which ended up being adenocarcinoma Ia1). Without the ECC, I would still have my cancer in me and we wouldn't know about it!

I still don't know about those "rare severely dysplastic cells."

I'm glad you already have an appointment with a gyn/onc. Between now and then compose a list of questions. You'll want to go in with as much knowledge as you can get and some questions (with space for answers) going into that appointment. You might want to take someone else with you to help "hear" what the doctor has to say.

Take care! :)
Thank you so much for the info!
Here is some information i have found online. I too have this and have had a leep done. In my case, the leep was successful but I still have to have more scrapings. It's good that you are seeing an ob/gyn soon, it is much harder to wait and with this you don't want to wait too long since it could get worse with time.

CIN II - This classification involves moderate dysplasia, in which abnormal cells make up about one-half of the thickness of the surface layer (epithelium).

To clarify what this is saying: It is not yet considered cancer. CINIII is considered carcinoma in situ, but is not considered maligenant because it has not spread to healthy tissue below the surface.
Hi. I had my biopsy results from a colposcopy I had last week, i have CINIII, saw the gyn/onc and he said I shouldn't worry it's not full blown cancer, although I am still petrified..:( I am having a cone biopsy on sat 6th Dec, can't wait to just get it out hopefully. He said I have a wide cervix, wider than the usual 1.5cm? and would probably need a double cone done. It's really scary, but he seemed really calm and said he does them all the time, and not to worry etc. Do you know if they sometimes come back with a different result than the first smaller biopsy?
i had my colposcophy test and biopsy and in a few days ill get results and will follow up a 2nd biopsy. What symptoms do you have and how long have you know about having cervical cancer?

This is going to be alot of tests there going to do on me. The reason im asking for your symptoms is because i wanna see if im on the same boat with you. Let me know ! Thankyou so much.

I have several vaginal discharges. Ive been known about this ever since i was pregnant. So 2003. The first two Pap smears were abnormal and was suppose to follow up the Colospophy and thats what i finally did. But the vaginal discharges went from clear to green to brown. My periods are not in good shape ill have a period and it will stop and then ill have it again. It's been going on for 3 months.

Thats about all the problems i have, wondering if your having the same ones or somet hing alike?
Hi I never really had any symptoms at all, maybe some vaginal discharge, that's all,just usual kind of colour. I did have maybe the last 2 months some pink when I wiped after urinating, just couple of days before my periods, which have also been just slightly heavier than usual the first 1 - 2 days. so nothing really significant, no. So I was really shocked to get a CINIII smear result! All my previous results have always been clear. They have my results back, but the secretary said he'll see me to go over it all on 5th Jan, which seems ages!! I did ask her if it was something bad, would he have me in quicker, and she said yes. So suppose I'll just have to wait now... more waiting!!!! It drives you nuts.:mad::( and scary still.. The cone biopsy went well, not much bleeding at all, minimal, it's been 2 weeks tomorrow. Good luck to you for your results. I had a d & c too and hysteroscopy too by the way. Will keep you posted with the results.. x
Hi! I got my results from my cone biopsy last night after waiting 4 weeks with the xmas break inbetween too.. it was cin3 and has been removed with clear margins, phew.. but I do need to have another colposcopy in 4 months and a smear too to check again. I had a d & c too, and that sample came back all fine too. Feeling better now, well, at least till the next check up!! ;):dizzy:
What a huge relief! Time to go pamper yourself!

I can't remember, you had atypical squamous cells, not atypical glandular/columnar cells, right?
Hi Pickle eyes! Yes, he said I had squamous cell type. He said they don't do ECC in UK, only in USA, but he did scrape out 40% of my womb in the d & c, and it all came back normal. phew.. he said it was the largest lesion he's ever removed, but that I did have a naturally larger than average cervix, so that might be why. He caught it in the brink of time which is worrying! But he said it's good news as there is nothing abnormal behind it all. Yes, will be pampering myself now!! I have my 40th bday coming up in February and really fancy a spa day!! Thanks for all your concerns and nice messages!;):):)
Well Happy early 40th birthday and enjoy that spa visit!!! I'm a bit jealous! ;)

I'm so glad the report came back so well. What is he saying needs to happen for follow-up?

Take care!
Hi! he will be doing a colposcopy and smear in 4 months.. gonna try to relax now till then!;)thanks again and wishing you and everyone well on here.:wave:

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