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Hi Lindsay, I know you are looking into getting another doctor, I'd like to suggest with so much CINIII and the below quoted informatin, I wouldn't wait around for your doctor (who only does LEEP a few days per month) and look for a gyn/oncologist. My gyn/onc doesn't take any woman who has less than a CINII results. So with CIN III I think it is purdent to go ahead and get a specialist's advice.


A: ECC: Rare severely dysplastic cells are present. (this is the one that has me nervous!!!)

I've looked high and low for this and I don't know what it is. Did the report say anything about squamous or glandular? Clear cell? small cell?

I'm stumped.
The S in SIL is squamous. That's better (in my opinion) than glandular. Squamous cells are found on the exocervix (the lower 1/3 of the cervix) and glandular are the upper 2/3. Aytpical squamous cells grow more slowly than atypical glandular ones.

The ECC (endocervical curettage) is a scraping of the cervical canal (think of the hole of a donut). It is the only non-surgical say to sample the cells in the cervical os (the hole). I'm glad your doctor did one of those. In my experience, it hurts, but it was sooooo worth knowing the results (mine was adenocarcinoma in situ - which ended up being adenocarcinoma Ia1). Without the ECC, I would still have my cancer in me and we wouldn't know about it!

I still don't know about those "rare severely dysplastic cells."

I'm glad you already have an appointment with a gyn/onc. Between now and then compose a list of questions. You'll want to go in with as much knowledge as you can get and some questions (with space for answers) going into that appointment. You might want to take someone else with you to help "hear" what the doctor has to say.

Take care! :)

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