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Repeat Cone Biopsy
Nov 18, 2008
Hi, I am new here, and was wondering if anyone can help or has any advice on how to keep me calm.

I recently had a cone surgery done and a follow up pap smear showed that I have atypical glandular cells which were of the AGUS type. The doctor's office wants to see me again for a colposcopy. I asked if the results were abnormal, what would be the next step and they said a repeat cone biopsy. I'm just scared since the first one didn't work, and I'm not really sure what to expect next. I am just freaking out and scared that it might turn into cancer. And also, can this affect me having children in the future?

Thank you...
Hi J3nny, if you haven't received a copy of the pathology report from your first cone bipsy (and latest paps), then I highly suggest you ask for them. Do you know what your results were from the cone? Was it a cold knife cone biopsy or a LEEP?

I am not one to tell you much about your ability to have children. I just don't know.
Hi j3nny08~
I have had two cold knife cone biopsies...this year April and June.
the first a result of a bad pap and postive colposcopy for cervical cancer stage 0 ( adenocarcinoma in situ). My first cone did not obtain clear margins and my options we to 1: wait and see what happened 2: get a hysterectomy 3: repeat the cone. So I opted to repeat the cone bipsy 2 months after the first one.... which then came back negative. My follow up colpo was also negative.
The only complication so far has been that the healing time on the second surgery was longer - there was more bleeding...and depending on where your issues are and where they cut the biopsy from you might notice changes in your cervical mucus and things like that since there are glands in there which can be damaged or cut.
Also, I have as a result from the scarring..stenosis of the cervix from scar tissue which could affect your ability to conceive a pregnancy normally... which I am now addressing via fertility specialists (but I have been ttc for years prior to this so that isnt necessarily the only reason). Lastly, you risk developing an incompetant cervix which can be a problem during pregancy however the Dr's can monitor that and perform a circlage' if needed to keep the cervix closed to prevent miscarriage.
Hope this helps you decide but above all else like Pickle-eyes said yu need to see the path reports to know what your dealingwith and where it is located to help you determine how much cutting or leeping you can sustain.
Good Luck:angel:
Do you know if the margins were clear from your first cone biopsy? I was also curious how long ago the cone biopsy was? It can take the cervix a long time to heal after a cone biopsy and many gyn's or gyn-onc's won't request a follow up pap for a minimum of 6 months post surgery (even without clear margins) because the healing cervix can cause a false abnormal result.

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