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Got a few questions
Nov 24, 2008
It is me again the other thread was getting long and I am getting nervous. Had my leep done on Nov 13th was suppose to get my results back on the following Thursday, but as usual my dr got called out of town for a family emergency and was just back in the office today, so I called them at 5:00 to see if they had my results and first the nurse said no, then she said yes, but there was some questions about the way they were written and she could give me no futher information, so the patholgist(spelled wrong) is suppose to call my dr tomorrow and discuss them with him the termonolgy he used. My question Is this normal, is my dr behind times, is it something I should be concerned about, do they not relize how bad these things bother women. How nervous and upset we get over it all, the waiting game is so beyond expessing, or am I just one of the few that get this concerned? I thought after the leep I would be home free and not have to worry again for like 4 months when it was time for another pap. I am going crazy here. It has been 4 months almost to the day this all started and I am still not sure if it is ever going to be over. Sorry to take up so much of you guys of time and to bother you with such little things, it just gets to me. But you all have been so helpful and it has been so comforting. My husband does not understand and I don't discuss it with my daughter I do not want her to worry and me and my mom dont' speak much and my sister is always to busy for me so this is about the only place I have to turn so I hope you all realize just how important you all have become. Thank you so Much

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