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It was pretty unexpected. I thought I was going in just for a consultation with the new gyn/onc and ended up having the procedure done! I dont know the difference between LEEP/LOOP/Cone biopsy. She did the procedure in office, she said theyre all the same pretty much. So she ended up doing the LOOP (LEEP?) and removing a cone shaped piece of cervix. since there were abnormal cells inside the cervix as well. she seemed confident that she got it all, but we will get the results in about 2 weeks. I love the Dr., she really took a lot of time to go over everything with me. Unlike the previous Dr i saw. originally i was going to be given general anesthesia for the LEEP. This dr actually talked me out of it. And I was glad she did. I was reallllly nervous but it wasnt so bad! The only thing that hurt was the initial shots to numb the cervix. After that it only took about 5 minutes and she was done. I didnt feel a thing. I will tell you the initial shot hurt pretty bad though! All in all, Im glad I went with the in office procedure. Now, just hoping for clear margins! :)

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