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Post Leep bleeding
Dec 1, 2008
Hi am I brand new to this board and to start off thank god for you all. I have spent hours reading here and you have anwsered more questions then anyone. I had a Leep procedure done on 11/17. The first week went by with absolutely no issues, I was back at work 2 days later. But 9 days after the leep I began to bleed pretty heavy. I went to my Gyn office and he applied some yellow mustard looking stuff and it seemed to have stopped. A few hours after I got home I had bloody brownish discharge, I dismissed it but starting the next morning it went bright red. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday I have bleed like there is no tomorrow. I haven't gotten to the one pad an hour but I have also been in bed the entire time per doctors orders. He wanted to let Nature take its course & put me on Bedrest. I am now going back in the smorning to the GYN to see what is going on. I am pretty frustrated because I feel like he dismissed the bleeding really quick. Has anybody ever bleed crazy like this? it would be 2 weeks to early for a period and I literally can sit on the toliet and it just drips. How much blood can you really lose??
I had a top hat laser ablation 3 1/2 weeks ago, so not quite an excision, but more than a simple ablation, and something very similar happened to me: profuse FOUL (and I mean FOUL)-smelling watery discharge starting day 2, then spotting after a week of profuse watery discharge, then outright bright red bleeding (the drip drip drip in the toilet, afraid to strain to go #2 dripping, and small clots). Eventually I ended up in the ER and was told there were purple welts all over my cervix, was discharged, kept bleeding, couldn't even do light exercise like fast walking, went to another gyn, got put on antibiotics, and started my period so I don't know what's what but am hopeful that once my period stops I am all done bleeding.

But I'm starting to think this is vaguely normal. Remember healing differs from person to person to begin with. I do know that it is normal to bleed about 7 days after LEEP because that is when the scab falls off. But in what quantity really depends on who you talk to. For example, my laser gyn said laser should not cause bleeding at all and to go to the ER, but they didn't seem at all concerned there and said any procedure/local trauma can cause bleeding. But I do think that the "one pad an hour" rule is very excessive. That's a heavy period or more, and while the cervix is vascular, no procedure should cause THAT much bleeding.

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