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i had my colposcophy test and biopsy and in a few days ill get results and will follow up a 2nd biopsy. What symptoms do you have and how long have you know about having cervical cancer?

This is going to be alot of tests there going to do on me. The reason im asking for your symptoms is because i wanna see if im on the same boat with you. Let me know ! Thankyou so much.

I have several vaginal discharges. Ive been known about this ever since i was pregnant. So 2003. The first two Pap smears were abnormal and was suppose to follow up the Colospophy and thats what i finally did. But the vaginal discharges went from clear to green to brown. My periods are not in good shape ill have a period and it will stop and then ill have it again. It's been going on for 3 months.

Thats about all the problems i have, wondering if your having the same ones or somet hing alike?

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