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Hi. I just had the cone biopsy 2 weeks ago, I get my results on 5th January and hate the waiting for it! I have CINIII, and am hoping the gyn/onc that did the op got it all, I had a hysteroscopy where they look with a camera further up the canal and in the womb to make sure it's not there, and a d & c scraping of the lining of the womb too. After the first procedure, the colposcopy, he said the CINIII was spread over the entire cervix so he would be removing half of my cervix with the cone biopsy! :eek: I was really shocked after having all normal pap tests in the past. He said it's very common and in 90% of cases this procedure is all that is needed. I hope you are ok and I know it's difficult waiting to hear, I am in the same situation. I just want to hear that he got it all. I will keep you posted! ;)

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