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Ivana, I apologize if you think I was trying to challenge or discourage you. Probably no one is more likely than I am to go naturopathic before allopathic, within reason. In fact, I tried naturopathic first, myself. Most women who have tried the naturopathic route have posted good to excellent success stories. Usually you don't know if the body was going to heal itself, or if the supplements did it, but as long as the supplements do no harm, who cares? My concern is that since supplements are not regulated in the US (don't know about elsewhere), there can be contaminants in the fillers or in the manufacturing process, or other problems.

Of course it is up to your body to "clear HPV" (whatever that means), but usually treatments give it the "push" it needs. There is one study that suggests complete eradication of the HPV genome can occur, though I agree with you: makes more sense to err on the side of caution and assume it is in you forever so you will take care of yourself. Out of curiosity, where do you live, US or Europe? I hope your margins are clear. And of course it makes the most sense for you to try this at your low grade dysplasia.

Jennifer, I am impressed that your doctor gave you healing tablets post-LEEP. What is in them? Ivana, this is what I mean when I say US docs aren't into that, or at least the ones I've seen in the southeast who are in my insurance network aren't. I saw 4 gyns and 1 gyn-onc for my situation, and all of them poo-pooed this sort of thing (and especially naturopathic healing). I had to travel to a DO in NY for my naturopathic treatment, which was very frustrating and expensive. It didn't work so now I pray my recent surgery worked. But because I do believe in good quality supplements, I will probably return to naturopathic healing at the 2 month mark to complement my surgery.

I will post back why I wasn't really impressed with the coriolus study, I think it had to do with not separating low risk from high risk which imo is a big deal because they are two very different beasts in the genital tract, but my memory could be mistaken. Anyway, Ivana, usually for the "immune boosting mushrooms" I hear of reishi before coriolus or both together. Have you tried that?

Good luck to both of you! And thanks for sharing information.
[I]Success Parameters The efficacy of Coriolus supplementation in LSIL and HSIL patients was evaluated in terms of the evolution of HPV tipification from High Risk HPV+ to High Risk HPV- status as well as the persistence of cervical lesions as measured bycolposcopy and cytology[/I]

It is high risk they are talking about. Anyway, I wasn't there and I know they have to look more into it. But it will take time, it was the same with green tea, it looked like just some supplement and now they have Veregen (I'm not sure this is the exact name), a cream for HPV based on that and FDA approved.

I do not believe in naturopathic treatments only, hence my decision to have the LEEP done for CIN 1. I don't think anybody should count on treatments that are not 100 % verified.

Jennifer, what is the name of you tablets? Fitostimuline are also internal ovules to speed up healing.

Brieaukirsch I wasn't trying to challenge or convince anybody either...I was just sharing information and I felt I have to add excerpts from the study, or else other women will read this and just discharge it when it might actually help.

Well, good luck to us all! ;)

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