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After 2 long years, 11 abnormal pap smears, and 4 colposcopies, the strangest thing has happened to me... I had a normal pap!

Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic, but I guess I'm just confused as to how this could have happened. My results were both ASC-US and ASC-H and I progressed from CIN I to CIN II over the 2 year span. My doctor avoided the LEEP and cryo therapy due to my age (I am 20) because she told me the dysplasia could possibly go away on it's own and after 2 years and dozens of procedures I was seriously doubting her. It seemed to be a condition that was getting worse; not better. I just don't understand how I could have a colposcopy with CIN II results and then 2 months later be perfectly fine and healthy again like nothing ever happened?

My doctor left me a voicemail today that said "Your pap is normal, thank you." When I called the office and asked to speak to her, the receptionist told me I am fine now and I should come back for a pap in 1 year. This seems like a very long time to wait based on my long and recent history. Could my results be a fluke? What if the dysplasia comes back and goes undetected for a whole year? Will this put my health in danger? Should I be going in for a pap sooner? I want to feel happy right now, but I can't help but worry about false hope. Any words of wisdom would be greatly apprectiated.

hugs =)

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