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Hi there!:angel:

I am 33 years ago and like you, i have also been having severe pain. Several years ago, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with HPV and went through a very painful treatment that required some type of acid. You can imagine. Anyway, I was also diagnosed with having cancerous cells in my cervix and uterus. I ended up having a cryosurgery (freeze). Years later, I started to have severe abdominal pain. And like you my pains was non stop. I have been having this for over 1 year and I have been going to several doctors who have just told me that "take this medication and you should start to feel better". The things was that they didn't even know what was wrong with me. Unfortunately, I have yet to feel any different. About 2 months ago, I went to a OBGYN. A pap smear was done and results came back negative. Then, he ordered a vaginal ultrasound that indicated that I have not one but four cysts. Two on each ovary and one on the outside of my uterus. Come to think of it, my doctor never told me how small or large they were. The only thing that he did tell me was that one of the cysts on my right ovary was somewhat odd and that he wanted to do a biopsy. That was about a month or so ago and I have not gone back to see him for the biopsy. Ovarian, cervical and I believe breast cancer runs in both of my parents families. I am just to scared of what would be if it turns out that I have cancer. I waited to long to get checked again. I believe that we as women know our bodies better than anyone and we need to speak out when we know there is something wrong. Doctors pretty much try to keep it simple. They still get paid no matter what the results. So again if you think there is something wrong, SPEAK UP!

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