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ASCUS = atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance. They are slightly abnormal, but could be normal. These cells are not abnormal enough to be determined "abnormal" (or dysplasia, therefore there is no CIN#). It is good that your doctor wants to recheck you.

The CIN#s are one way of grading dysplasia. CIN I is mild dysplasia. In a young woman (under 30) it might clear up on its own, but needs to be checked on. CIN II is moderate dysplasia. This might clear up on its own, but it also might not. The doctor might check up on this earlier than a CIN I or the doctor might decide to do a treatment (cryo, LEEP, etc). CIN III is severe dysplasia. Doctors typically will treat that right away since it rarely improves on its own. After that is carcinoma/adenocarcinoma in situ (depending on which type of cell is involved). It literally means "cancer in place." Some doctors catagorize it as precancer, others call it stage 0 cancer.

I hope that helps.

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