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Hi Zoe! I'm so sad to hear of your diagnosis. Every time I see Adenocarcinoma in a thread title a chill goes up my spine. You've probably been reading my posts, since I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma Ia1 and have given the measurements of my 2 lesions.

Please know that my diagnosis with cancer was VERY rare. My regular doctor said she still looks at my file and shakes her head in disbelief that I had cancer. I vividly remember my appointment with her and her telling me all of the steps there were between my diagnosis of high risk HPV and it being cancer. Well, I skipped over most of the diagnostic steps and went from hrHPV to adenocarcinoma in situ to AdCAIa1. I am a very rare case. I know that, but I keep telling my story so women are aware of what the pap can and can't do for women and the importance of looking for answers until there is a solution or understanding.

It is possible that the cone biopsy will remove all of your lesions and that it will be sufficient treatment. My concern is that since glandular lesions grow differently than squamous cell lesions, the doctors will be more aggressive (understandably) in treatment options.

IF, after the cone biopsy the doctor says you need further treatment, and he/she suggests a hysterectomy, you might ask about a trachelectomy. It is the surgical removal of just the cervix. That surgery preserves the ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy. The baby is then usually delivered via C section. Make sure you let your doctor know you wish to maintain fertility.

Do you know what your biopsy/pathology report says from your colposcopy? Did your doctor also do an ECC? If this new doctor said everything looked good on the colpo, I'm wondering why he is going straight for the cone biopsy. I suspect he did an ECC.

Do you know if you are having a LEEP or a cold knife cone biopsy?

Doctors are usually more aggressive in dealing with adenocarcinoma (and insitu) because of the nature of adenocarcinoma (how it grows, the speed, the location, etc). This is probably why your doctor is insistant on not wasting time. I don't know that your doctors speed in dealing with this is a bad sign. I think it shows that he is consciencious (that spelling doesn't look right) and wants to take care of things as early as possible. That's how you want this handled.

I would say the chances of it being in situ are very good. It is rare (I've seen 1/1000 numbers before) when it has actually progressed to cancer. I've also been told that it is even rarer (1/10,000 or more) for a woman who has had regular and good paps to actually develop cancer.

I can't remember how thick the wall is between the outer layer of the cervix and the "base". It is considered cancer only when this base/floor is breached. I saw a diagram of the cellular involvement, but I can't remember where I saw it. I found it by doing an online search for cervical cancer. I think the image was part of a page, but it is possible I saw the diagram under an image search. I'm sorry I can't give you more directions in how to find images on the invasions of cervical cancer.

When it comes to how common adenocarcinoma is . . . something like 90% of cervical cancer diagnoses are for squamous cell cancer. That leaves on ly 10% as glandular cell. I commented to my gyn/onc about how rare AdCA was and she said, "it isn't really that rare, and it is usually found the same way yours is." Especially in earlier stages.

I'm sure you've read my story in other threads, so I'll assume you know some of this. I think one reason my regular doctor went ahead and sent me to the gyn for the colpo was because it was a little thought in the back of her head that it could be this. I also think the gyn did the ECC because the colpo looked good (no visible lesions) and AdCA was in the back of her mind. I don't know that either doctor had a conscious thought of it being this, but I think because of their education and training this was a possibility. Either that or it was the hand of God guiding their thoughts, words, and hands. Which ever it was (and if it a combination) I'm glad my doctors did things they way they did so the cancer could be caught so early!

It is time for me to post this. I started reading your post 5 minutes after you posted it, so I'd like to get some information to you. I'm sure I'll think of more later. I'm not doing a full proofreading on this, so I hope it makes sense. (EGADS this is long!!!) lol

(((((hugs))))) and good luck!
You know, you might be at the point of needing to take a break from reading stuff online.

I think many/most women who are going through this diagnosis go through similar feelings and actions. We read everything we can get our hands on. We become overwhelmed. We second guess. We worry, fret, and make everything worst case scenario. Then, we decide to cut back on reading (or stop reading all together for a time period). It seems it is a fairly common progression on research.

Pickle -- once again, thanks for your awesome posts, and your amusing explanations, which make perfect sense!!! Thanks too, Dragonfly!!

I am so there regarding what you posted above. I have read and read, and while the initial info was very informative and exactly what I needed to know, aside from this board (and I'm even limiting that) I'm not reading much else. Everyone else's horror story, and the possibility of what if, what if, what if is/was driving me nuts. I had to take a step back and say wait, that's not me (yet), and hopefully never will be. I have AIS -- contained and treatable until told otherwise, and I have no reason to suspect otherwise. So as much as I don't like this diagnosis, hopefully that is the only one I will ever have (and after today, it will be past tense, as my doctor gets this all out of me with the cone).

I have a friend who practices Reiki (I don't know much about it, but apparently she's a master/super high level practitioner) and she worked on me last night, to calm me down for my surgery today and to give me some positive energy. I was very calm last night, and even got a good night's sleep. I was already feeling *cautiously* optimistic before I saw her, and she really helped me gain more confidence that I will be okay, and that this is just a bump in the road of my life. If I really admit it, although I wasn't terribly worried after the colpo, I do remember distinctly stopping when he said oh, don't worry, there's only a 1 in 1000 chance that there'll be a problem.....and I immediately had a bad feeling. Heck, I play the lottery and think I have a good chance of winning that; and those odds are way less than 1 in 1000. This time, however, I feel much more confident that this will resolve my problem, and hopefully two weeks from now -- or hopefully less!! -- I will be thinking back at how upset I got, when really I was okay.

I am definitely going to try to get my good news ASAP, and keep bugging my doctor's office about the report. If they get sick of me, so be it. It's a new practice for me, and if I have to switch to another one after this, then fine, although I'm sure I'm not the worst patient they've ever had. I also plan to visit with an oncologist, even *when* I get my clean margin/non invasion report, so I can make sure that this time I am followed up properly. I'm so lucky to live in an area with some really superior medical care, and even luckier to have friends connected to the medical field who are very willing to help me out. I only wish I'd sought their help sooner, instead of trying to deal with this on my own.

Pickel, I cannot thank you enough for all the explanations, kind words and support (and thanks to the other ladies that have contributed!!). I hope that in addition to helping me, your great info helps some other ladies either understand their situation, or know to keep a close eye on themselves and their doctors. I hope to report soon -- very soon, some good news on my condition. I will not just disappear!! I've seen a lot of posts here where there is no follow up, good or bad....and I think it's important to give an end to the story so people can be reassured. So, Pickle, I hope to be able to write my happy ending (to this scary chapter of my life) very soon, and then I intend to stick around this board so maybe one day I can help someone, like you have helped me and so many others. Although obviously I am hoping for a cleaner bill of health than you received after your cone, I would like to come back and report that I got clean margins and am cancer free....

And please, don't even apologize for the length of your posts....have you noticed the length of mine? I'm an English major....we just can't help ourselves in the wordy department!!!

Thanks again....

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