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Hi- I'm new to this post. Wanted to share my story here...I am 50 yrs old. had 5 years of nasty lazar surgery when I was 29 for high risk vulva and cervical dysplasia. 9Even had one spot on vulva that was already carcinoma insitu) finally got rid of all warts, bad skin,- and paps came back normal too. Now- 22 years later, I booked surgery with cancer dr. to have multiple biopsies done just to recheck. Dr. looked at all skin in office and said I was nuts, skin looked perfect. but I insisted and we had the surgery- all exterior biopsies came back medium dysplasia. (Cervical skin was fine) So there you go! Skin didn't even look weird, but it was. he wants me to use Aldera Cream, but I am trying something holistic first named Beta Mannin. hundreds of people online swear they got a normal biopsy result after using this for a few months. Its not cheap, although it is 1/3 the cost of Aldera. Although initial dysplasia is caused from HPV infection, Bottom line is dysplasia is a systemic condition that is a result of a very poor immune system. Smoking is the number one problem if you are testing positive for dysplasia. You absolutely cannot smoke, if you ever want to get rid of this. When I finally got rid of it 20 years ago, it was because I finally quit smoking. I starting smoking again 10 years ago, and it came back. now I have stopped again. and am taking the beta mannin. Also- diet! I know it is a boring thing to keep posting about, but green leafy cancer fighting vegetables MUST be in your diet every day. Especially at the start if you are trying to reverse dysplasia. All of these things will strengthen your immune system and ward off the dysplasia. The good news is that this type of condition is (usually) slow growing, which allows you some time to get your act together. I will schedule biopsy surgery again in a few months to see how I am doing. And one last thing- Doctors always want to do these very painful biopsies in their office as an out patient. I refuse to do that. having been through so much pain so many time with this, I INSIST on surgical appointment, with lots of pain meds. I don't give a damn how much they refuse or try to make me feel like a woos...If they won't do it I get another doctgor. it makes all the difference girls...takes 90% of the anxiety out of the experience. and it allows the doctors to get better biopsies.

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