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Does it makes sense to be told that i have a very mild case of hpv, but have severe dysplasia...highest level of pre-cancerous? This all happened very quickly in my opinion. I have been religious with yearly exams and this HPV and severe dysplasia all happened exactly one year from last pap which was normal.

I had my leep on friday and am anxiously awaiting pathology reports. Can't explain why, but I just feel like it is going to come back with some cancerous cells. What do they do if it does come back with cancerous cells?

Also, still wondering if anyone experienced burning, itching & swelling of vagina lips after LEEP procedure. Very uncomfortable!
I wonder if your burning, itching,and swelling are from something the doctor used when he/she did the LEEP (cleansing agent, the Monsel's solution, etc) and you are allergic to it. You might try taking some benadryl (OTC) to see if it helps. If it continues or if it gets worse, then you need to call your doctor's office to ask about it. Your doctor may need to see you again.

I don't understand what "mild case of HPV" is. There are two types of HPV that affect the genitals: high risk and low risk. Low risk HPV cause genital warts. High risk HPV is what can lead to dysplasia or cancer (of various genitals: vagina, vulva, cervix, anus, rectum, penis, mouth/throat).

Do you know what type of dysplasia you have: squamous or glandular/columnar?

Severe dysplasia is caused by high risk HPV. It is sometimes called CIN III (or it might be carcinoma in situ or adenocarcinoma in situ). The in situ's are sometimes referred to as the highest stage or precancer, other times they are referred to as stage 0 cancer. To speak accurately, it is a precancerous state. Cancer means there is invasion. Insitu means "in place" so it isn't invasive.

Some things in your post really struck familiar ground for me. I have had regular paps since I was 19, I am not 45. My paps have always been good. Last year I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ. What a shock! My doctor said that most women who are diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (glandular cell) have histories of good paps. This is because of the nature of what type of cells the dysplasia grow in.

The other thing that struck me about your post is that I had a "feeling" too. I went from good paps for 26 years to positive for high risk HPV, to a clear colposcopy but an ECC that showed adenocarcinoma in situ, to a cold knife cone biopsy that showed adenocaricnoma Ia1, to my gynecological oncologist's office. That happened within 3.5 months. As I learned more about HPV, and cervical dysplasia, and the two types of cervical cancers, the stagings, and the treatments I had a sense that I had cancer. I knew it before I went in for my cone biopsy. My heart skipped a beat when I talked to my doctor on the phone with the diagnosis, but I didn't stop, wail, or scream. It was exactly what I suspected! As I read, I knew it was going to be stage I.

To answer your question what they do after the LEEP, if they don't feel the LEEP got all of the cells they may want to do a cold knife cone biopsy. If your LEEP comes back CIN III or insitu, I highly recommend you get an appointment with a gynecological oncologist. They deal with cancer every day. An OB/gyn might be very good at fertility, prenancy, and delivery, but he/she doesn't deal with cancer every day. I wanted an expert looking at my slides and doing my hysterectomy (which was the last "treatment" I needed - my cancer was caught so early that I didn't need chemo or radiation).

This is difficult to deal with, but it helps to at least have a textbook understanding of what is going on. Write back when you can.

When do you expect to hear back? Personally, I'd call tomorrow or Friday just to see if they have the results. But then I like calling them before they call me! :)

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