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I second what Pickle says. My doctor (who I just started seeing in November) told me after my colposcopy to make a follow up appointment in two weeks, and he would call ahead of time if everything was okay, and then I could cancel. Well, I had the colpo on 12/17, and two weeks later he was on vacation, so I didn't get an appointment until 1/9. When he didn't call, I thought nothing of it. I figured he just wanted to bill for an office visit. Well, I went in for my appointment on 1/9 and was told I had adenocarcinoma in situ, and needed a cone biopsy right away. Aside from being terrified by my diagnosis, I was extremely upset that he didn't flag that report and call me in sooner. His explanation was it's his policy that he doesn't like to give bad news over the phone, he likes to do it in person.

Well, I was not happy with this, given the severity of what was going on with me, and found out that his office actually had the report two days after the procedure, on 12/19. By the time I had my cone biopsy on 1/15 (six days after finally finding out my initial diagnosis), the lesion had spread, and I am now diagnosed with Stage Ib cervical cancer. My oncologist tells me that this was still found very early, but all I can think of is what had been happening to me in the three weeks that they sat on the report.

Before having my cone biopsy, my doctor and I had words, and he agreed that he would give the results over the phone, no matter what the news was. He told me it would take 5-7 days to get the report, and to start calling on Wednesday (I had surgery on a Thursday). Well, I couldn't take the waiting, and called his office on Tuesday, and luckily got a very sympathetic nurse, who had the report in her hand within a half an hour.

My point in all of this is not to scare you -- and I'm afraid I might have -- but you have a right to know your results, and it rarely takes as long as they say it will. Be nice to the office staff, and let them know you are scared and anxious, and they probably won't get annoyed with you (but really, who cares if they do -- this is your peace of mind). Also, on the rare chance that there is a problem, you want to make sure it gets addressed ASAP. My circumstances are extremely rare, so please don't let my story scare you!!!

I wish you all the best with your results -- that they come back quickly, and that they come back with good news.

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