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Hi there, I have a few questions for you.
Have you obtained a copy of your medical records? (I would encourage you to do so if you haven't) What exactly were the results of your pap test? Did they indicate, LGSIL, ASCUS, HGSIL? How long has it been since your LEEP procedure? Did your LEEP provide clear margins? Did they perform an HPV test, do you know if you are currently still testing positive for HPV? The reason I ask these questions is that it isn't uncommon to have an abnormal pap following a surgery like LEEP or cone biopsy. The cervix takes time to heal and the new cells can sometimes can show as abnormal because of that. If your LEEP did not provide clear margins, it's possible the pap detected some remaining abnormal cells, however, some women are able to clear the remaining dysplasia on their own once the bulk of it has been removed with a surgery. If you have managed to clear an active HPV infection, this will be more likely. The longer HPV is active, the the higher the probability for dysplasia to develop or progress.
If you do in fact still have cervical dysplasia - most often another LEEP or conization may take care of it. I know of women that have had several LEEPs, or more than one conization even. It depends on how much tissue is removed during each surgery. There are many risks and side effects from a hysterectomy other than just the ability to bare children and I would strongly encourage to research it fully before deciding on such a procedure. It is also important to know that having either a trachelectomy or a hysterectomy does not remove all future possibilites of dysplasia. HPV has the ability to cause dysplasia/cancer of many areas including the vagina and vulva so regular follow ups will always be a must.
Best wishes to you!

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