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Hi. I am new here. Mabent's story mirrored mine almost to a T. I had a node removed in the late 1980s and I later developed itchy, patchy skin in the same area and just assumed it was from the scar tissue. After my gyno retired, I saw another doc and he treated it with steroids. That helps relieve itching but not getting to the root of the problem.

I was seen yesterday and I have 5 issues to deal with, one of which is getting a sample of the skin tissue on my labia to determine if it is Bowen's Disease. That was the first time anyone gave it a name. I have lived with this condition for over 20 years and had just put up with it. The itching gets intense and I have often scratched it raw. Mostly it was flaky, patchy skin that itched at very inopportune times.

I was raised in an area where there was alot of testing of nuclear bombs so I have nodes in my thyroid that are being watched. I had a bout of level readings that suggested I had Hashimoto's but now my levels seem to be OK. I have a lump in my breast that I am going for fine needle stereotactic aspiration in 2 weeks, a tennis ball size mass in my abdomen that one doctor said was a lipoma but my new doc is planning to ultrasound it to make sure. I also get ultrasounds once a year on my thryoid. Oh and to top it off, I need a blood test because my sugars are up a bit and I have Diabetes in my family. I am turning 56 next month and I feel like I'm falling apart. At least I have menopause under control. I take BHRT and it has been a life-saver to straighten my hot flashes, etc. out. Now if I can get the rest under control.

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