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Dragonfly, I am sure in time eveything will show itself....I hope so.

Sorry this is so long.

When I went to my GP with this tiny flat lavender spot....he referred me to a gyne surgeon who did not think it was anything. Because I insisted they remove it due to my family history of skin cancer she complied. They both tested and retested me for HPV virus high and low risk..... I am negative. So I was told? At least so far. My Path says Bowen's disease, Squamous Cell carcinoma insitu....margins positive. It has been sent out for a 2nd opinion per my request. I am only 17 days into knowing my Path report.

The Gyne Surgeon was a real jerk !!! ....rough too. She supposedly removed the lesion on 1/22 and has yet to call me to tell me what the biopsy has showned. I will not step foot back in her office. My lymphnodes in my groin and armpit swelled 5 days after my biopsy and she would not even come to the phone to speak with me. Blew me off to my GP......So my GP and I called for my Path and he put me on antibiotics for my lymphnodes. My path showed Bowen's and Squamous Cell Carcinoma in situ but the margins were not clear.

Now the day I got my Path report we got a huge ice storm and had no power, water or internet for over a week.....could not go anywhere and had plenty of time to think and worry.

Never heard from the Gyne Surgeon so no way would I go back to her for anything. My GP was really disapointed in her and he was very supportive of me until I could get seen by someone else.

I went to a Highly recommended Derm 7 days later when the roads were passable who is very good. He could SEE the cancer she missed. She did a crappy job. He removed it and cleaned up the margins and sent his biopsy and my 1st one out for a 2nd opinion. He told me not to expect to have clear margins. I have an appt with a Gyne Onc set up. He discussed the Arsenic exposure connection with me especially due to my Dad's history.

My Father had Bowen's, squamous cell cancers and several melanomas. When you have non HPV Bowen's it is likely you have had arsenic exposure back in your younger years. Brother has melanoma. Turns out the water table where I grew up had a very high level of Arsenic. It takes decades for the effects of that to surface and at 55 I am the right age. I have talked with the CDC this week about it. You can have Bowen's without having HPV. Bowen's can be enviormentally caused also.

If this is what has caused it then I have to be checked for Bladder cancer dad had this and an elevated arsenic level. He remained living in our childhood home. It is all making sense now. I am waiting on my dad's records from the VA. I keep seeing myself gulping water from our garden hose as a child unknowingly.

So you see I am only 17 days into this. When I say non HPV it is because the 3 tests and the Pathology. I will check into the test you speak of and make sure they did this.

At this point I am not convinced of anything......I am in the wait and research period. The reason I say non HPV at this time is because so far I am showing negative and Bowen's can be caused by other things. I am being told I am HPV negative.

I will let you know the 10th next Tuesday when I go to get my stitches out and get to hear the news of my Pathology re reads. I will also talk to them about this test. I will ask that this test be done. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. My appt with the Gyne Once is the 16th.

I have read many of your posts and you have been through so much. I appreciate your knowlege and you taking the time to respond to me.

[QUOTE=Oleander53;3874879]I am going to post on this board so if anyone does a search here they will find this.

I have non HPV gential skin cancer. It is in the inside of my labia. I am hoping to find others that have had this. It was a small flat lavender spot. Did not itch or hurt. No other symptoms. Had to insist to have it off. The margins were not clear of cancer so I am waiting my second slide reading and have an appt with a Onc Gyne now. My slides are being sent off for a 2nd opinion.
I have had 2 minor excisions done so far and am expecting to have a wider excision done.

It is hard to find information on this cancer when in the genital region and non HPV related. Bowen's that is non HPV is related to Arsenic exposure. Not sure where I would have gotten that. Doing some research on the water table where I grew up. My father had positive Bowen's also.

I am hoping to find others with this or any skin cancer of the genitals..I am so fortunate to be HPV negative and have a normal Pap. I have had 3 children and do not plan on anymore. So that is not a concern.

I am on the skin cancer posting board and thyroid posting board. I appreciate all of you.


hi, Oleander - I had Vulvar carcinoma-in-situ 20 years ago, which, I think , is what you have. Before I tell my story, I want to tell you that everything turned out perfectly! Of course, I still worry that it or something else cancerous will turn up, but I try to forget all of it.
I don't know when my lesion appeared. I remember seeing that the semen after intercourse was 'pink', and I wondered why; but I still don't know whether it was the lesion causing it. Guess I have a tendency to erase things from my mind:confused: I think the lesion had been there a while before I learned about it. I was on a vacation with my daughter (without my husband, so no sexual relations) when I noticed a drop of blood on my panties. I then got a mirror and looked and saw a sore on my labia! I was concerned but didn't give a thought to it's being cancer!
When I returned home, I made an appointment with my gynocologist. As luck would have it, he had retired because he had prostate cancer!!! I hated having to see another gyn in that office but didn't know what else to do.
None of the doctors knew what it was, but they called in all the doctors and nurses to see it!!! Of course, I was very embarrassed and annoyed with all of them, so I left. They wanted me to have a biopsy, but I refused.
Fortunately, a friend of mine knew an excellent oncologist-gyn, who removed it. It turned out to be Squamous Cell carcinoma in situ, and the oncologist said that he believed that it was Bowen's Disease. It was 2 cm, and he said that no lymph nodes were involved. As I said earlier, this was over 20 years ago. So, I wish you good luck! My lesion itched and was rough and occasionally would bleed, but he still called it 'Bowens Disease'. I hope I've helped you. :):angel: Mabent

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