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I had cone biopsy done last Thursday and am still waiting for the result. Then last night had a VERY BAD dream that I got unclear [email protected]#$% I guess it is because I am too nervous during the day. I am going to call my gyn dr tomorrow to find out. Anyway, before that I just want a little discussion regarding the preventitive method in the future.

For me, I am starting to take [U]ReishiMax[/U] and [U]Green tea extract [/U]of Pharmanex, they were supposed to boost immune system and help healthy cell grow. Also I am taking [U]VitaminC[/U] everyday. I heard that Folic Acid is very important in preventing cervical cancer, grains, wheat are the best source. I am having hot oatmeal with honey every morning now but I've been on low carb diet for at least 2 years, so I am thinking I should take supplement pills to increase it. Also I checked on internet, green veggis, mushroom, asparagues etc all are good at preventing cancer, I will try to have at least one kind each day.

Sleep is also important, 11pm-2am is the best time for body recovery. I believe regular work-out is also helpful, but for me, still have to wait the cervix to heal.

Ladies, any other suggestions? Welcome to share your thoughts.

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