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Waiting is hard!
Feb 24, 2009
I am so glad to have found this forum. I searched Google and the first few forums seemed nearly abandoned, so I thought they may be a thing of the past until I found this one which looks to be very active! :angel:

I will try to be somewhat brief with my story...

Mom had breast cancer at about age 50, then uterine cancer at 62 (just last year). She is a very strong woman and once again cancer free.

I had a large intramural fibroid that was removed by myomectomy about 6 years ago. Benign as they almost always are thank goodness. Also had bladder prolapse, but could not have that fixed with the myomectomy. Had dealt with it okay, so was just waiting. I had two children prior to the myomectomy and one after via c-section. Again, she did not want to fix my bladder at the same time with too much risk for infection.

Mom's uterine cancer found last year, believe it or not, started in a fibroid.

Lost my insurance about a year and a half ago, when I lost my job. I had not been good with keeping up my my annual GYN exams because I was constantly stressed at work and did not feel that I could afford to take the time off. Always more work than I could keep up with. Kind of glad I did lose it now, but the lack of insurance made it necessary for me to wait longer for the GYN.

Started having symptoms that I felt were probably another fibroid. Abnormal beeding and very painful periods. Uncomfortable intercourse with bleeding after quite and now almost always.

Last summer I found a lump in my breast and with my mom's cancer history decided to try to see what options were available to women without insurance and found BCCP, which is Indiana's breast and cervical cancer program. I was able to get a free exam and then with that being "abnormal" got a free diagnostic mammo and ultrasound. Thankfully negative, but I am still having pain in this area under my armpit, which I am told is the tail of the breast.

Finally got insurance again and went to the GYN last week. Scheduled an ultrasound due to the symptoms. Did that first, then a visit with my DR. Ultrasound showed no fibroid, but that my endometrium was thick. She said this should not be too alarming. She did a breast exam and did concur that it felt like a non-cancerous lump. She then went on to do a pelvic exam and pap smear, but I got a troubling "oh" when she took a look. She said that I have pretty severe prolapse (which explains the feeling that I have something pulling at my insides from vagina). She said that she wanted to get a sample of my endometrium. She had to use a pessary to do the exam. She said that my cervix bled just from inserting the speculum. She said she needed to do a biopsy of cervix. She did not say what kind and I had not educated myself to this kind of thing before the visit, so I didn't even know to ask. I was expecting a fibroid! Anyway, she actually took two samples from my cervix. She was very kind and did complement me on handling the pain so well. After the exam she said that I really might want to consider a hysterectomy due to the extent of my prolapse (bladder, uterus and rectum). She said that we needed to schedule another visit in two weeks to discuss the results of the biopsy, which she expected to be okay and at that time we would schedule the surgery if I decided to do that.

I did not hesitate to agree to the surgery. I don't want more children after 3 and at my age. I will be happy to not have any worries anymore. But now I am a little worried about her seeing the need for the biopsy and that she would not schedule the surgery until the biopsy results came back.

It just seems like from the posts I have read that most biopsies are scheduled after a positive pap smear. I am just alarmed at the fact that she jumped right into doing a biopsy then and there and that we have to come back for a visit to get the results. If she really is expecting it to be okay, why can't they just call me?

After the breast lump scare, I really wasn't prepared for this. Why couldn't it just be another fibroid?! :(:(

I read somewhere that uterine prolapse can cause the cervix to stick to tissue in the vagina and cause sores. Can these sores turn cancerous? Does anyone here with cervical cancer also have a history of grade 2 or 3 prolapse? My prolapse is grade 2. Grade 3 means you have organs coming out of the opening of your vagina! Now that is scary in itself! :eek:

I hope to hear from someone with a similar story. I don't go back for another 9 days!!! Waiting is so hard!!!

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