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First of all I want to say THAT SUCKS and I CAN TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN.

Well, I'm not sure if I can answer your questions completely, but I'll give you my thoughts.

1. With regard to HPV, the test usually only tests for the 4 "high risk" types. So it's quite possible you have a low risk type that is affecting you in an unusual way.

2. This does seem fast. From my own personal experience, I went from normal to adenocarcinoma in situ in about a year. I have no idea the average rate of progression to CIN 3 and whether your case is common. But, from my understanding, the progression from CIN 3 to cancer takes usually about 10 years. So while it may seem scary, the chances you have cancer are down right near impossible.

I had a LEEP . . . I was surprised at how it was absolutely not a big deal.

The LEEP "cures" the dysplasia, I'm blanking on the percentages, but it's very high. Like 90%. And for those were the dysplasia comes back, women will have a 2nd LEEP and that's it. It is very RARE for this to be a recurring problem.

Good luck and you do NOT have cancer so stop worrying!!!

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