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I finally went in, i missed my original appt because i had the flu. well, i went in yesterday and the nurse came in and talked to me and told me i had 2 options, pap smear or pap with colposcopy. i said just pap- i was nervous because the 1st colposcopy i had was very painful. anyways, then the dr came in and said they had to do the colposcopy. she talked with the head dr., and they reviewed my reports and were very confused at how everything was positive for HGSIL and then the leep came back negative. they mentioned this a million times, how it just made no sense. they didnt notice this in december when they got the results from my leep?!
so they did the colposcopy and there was a lesion that they removed to biopsy and they also said there were a lot of areas that looked infected. not sure what thats all about?! does anyone know what could cause that? they also did an ECC. she said depending on the results of the biopsy, we will need to talk about what the next step is. if it comes back positive for high grade- they will want me to come in right away, and discuss possible hysterectomy. if not, we can just keep an eye on things.
really stressful. i was not expecting anything more than a pap- and even that i thought would come back fine.

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