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Hello Everyone.
I had a LEEP on April 7th so it's been almost 3 months. Unfortunatley I didn't find this site until just after my all happened so fast. I was notified on Friday of CINIII/carcinoma insitu colposcopy results and had the procedure done the following Mon! I have been reading replies on this site every since (I'm pretty sure I've read them all twice!) and only wish that I had found it sooner. My experience was cramps, no odor, no real pain and had the procedure done while I was asleep at the hospital.
Anyways, my question to everyone is...It's been 2mos and 3 weeks and I still have discharge. Sometimes it's white and sometimes it's yellow tinted but it's been very heavy since the procedure. My doc says it's normal but I've never had it before. There is no odor but it's heavy enough to have to wear a liner everyday - especially when I go running. If my vulvar area remains wet from the discharge it gets irritated and can start to burn. (I have been tested for every other STD under the sun and am neg. for them all) Has anyone ever had discharge for longer than a couple of months?? If so, does it mean anything, is the dysplasia still there? My follow-up isn't until early Aug. but I know he's just going to tell me that's it's normal again. Any expereinced feedback would be wonderful.
Best Wishes to Everyone dealing with this issue.

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