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Sorry for the double post, but this is in response to Jules. To help clear up your thoughts on whether you'll have to have the procedure done or not... my original pap results (after 14 years of normal ones) was abnormal with ASCUS cells. Therefore, that's when they had me come in for the colposcopy and that's when they resulted in 3 mild and 1 moderate dysplasia (4-5 biopsies).

The doctor said it wasn't 'urgent' but the cells needed to be removed for precautionery reasons. Luckily, since it wasn't 'urgent' could wait until after I returned from my honeymoon *phew*. Then, they scheduled for the week after my next period.

Hope that helps answer your question on the likelihood of having the procedure. I am not scared for next week, just want it to get OVERWITH.

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