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Feb 28, 2009
I just finished putting together a list of questions to bring to my gyn/onc appointments next week. My main objective for these visits is to figure out what to do in my situation: the gynecologist that did my LEEP was not looking for glandular involvement when he did the procedure, so I'm concerned about missed lesions and how to effectively monitor my cervix for recurrences. Can any of you think of any questions I should add?
Glandular Dysplasia Questions[/U]

Do glandular problems recur more often than squamous?

How much difference is there between severe glandular dysplasia and AIS?

Does severe dysplasia always progress?

Would you have done a CKC instead of a LEEP knowing ahead of time that I had severe glandular dysplasia?
Questions about Missed Lesions[/U]

What are chances other lesions were missed since the gynecologist who did my LEEP wasn't looking for glandular dysplasia?

Do the margins show enough clear tissue? How much clearance should there be?

What rate of recurrence do you see in people with EGD removed and clear margins?

Is a CKC recommended for my situation? What would you typically do in this type of case?

How would you catch further glandular abnormalities since my last ECC wasn't very accurate? Could a hysteroscopy be done to check for lesions further up? Do I need to have my uterus biopsied?

How soon should I be re-checked?

Will you do an HPV test to look for presence of the virus?

Is it possible a recurrence won't be caught until after it's invasive?

What are your thoughts on the correlation between long-term use of oral contraceptives and dysplasia? Since I stopped taking OCs recently will it have any immediate effects?

Are there any supplements you recommend I take right now or anything else to improve my immune system?

What is the risk of this returning if I become pregnant in the future?

Have you heard of any recent successes with a therapeutic vaccine for HPV?

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