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Ok so about 1 year ago I began experiencing pain over my right ovary, but I really had to feel around and push fairly hard to find it (not sure how I actually found it to begin with??). Went to the Doctor who recommended an ultrasound that came back negative. Around the same time my periods started to get all whacky, I'd spot for about 7 days with bright red bleeding first thing in the morning followed by dark brown mucus. Then the next 2 days would be heavy bleeding, followed by about 7 more days of spotting. I went to the gynecologist who didn't think it was an issue. So I left it alone but had the gnawing feeling that something wasn't right. Shortly after, I ended up with a bulging disc in my back so completely forgot about the pelvic pain. After dealing with my back pain I began to feel around for this painful area and noticed that it seemed far easier to find and the area seemed larger. My last period was still 7 days of spotting but the 2 days of heavy bleeding was also accompanied by severe cramps so I went back to my Doctor to continue investigating the pain and he referred me back to my gynecologist, plus we did another ultrasound which came back negative. The gyneo did a pelvic exam as after listening to my symptoms suspected Endometriosis which is also what my GP suspected. After the pelvic exam he ruled this out and thought it might be a hernia. So he refers me to a surgeon. I go to the surgeon and he says no way is it a hernia and refers me back to my GP. My GP has another feel around, sounds no way this is over the right ovary. So then he mentions ovarian cancer being a slight possibility so sends me for the CA125 test which his assistant told me was negative. I didn't know there were "numbers" attached to this but assuming it was in a normal range?. Last week I went for the CT Scan and should be getting results back tomorrow. I should mention also that in the past week I've had lots of cramping, stomach pains and back pain. Since the bulging disc, I've always had back pain - some days worse than others, however this back pain is different - it's more "crampy". Also, when you push this "tender" area the pain is "intense". When I went for the ultrasound and she put the wand on the area it hurt like hell and it was all I could do to yell at her to get it off (yet the ultrasound was negative??).

Sorry for the long story but if anyone can enlighten me please do! Also should I be requesting a transvaginal ultrasound?

Hi Java, I have just started the challenging journey towards getting a diagnosis for my pelvic pain..My story is different in that I did have some urinary tract infections, waay too many for my doctor to dismiss me anymore with a prescription for antibiotics or pain killers (a bandaid and no reason!!). I also had/have some period issues that were attributed to my thyroid levels. My gyno saw some signs of cervicitis that would explain the constant pink or brown spotting, started flagyl cream vaginally and I'm thrilled to report that stopped. The bleeding was from my cervix, not endometrium. I still have the pelvic pain, to the right side and lower back pain. I'm going to have a pelvic-abdominal cat scan in 2 weeks, and some bladder tests to see the inside of it and how it functions.. My gyno suggested abdominal ultrasound but since I'll be getting the ct scan he said we were better off waiting for that. My PAP came back abnormal (ASCUS) but HPV negative so no more PAPs for a year.
It's really frustrating since everything is so close together down there.
After reading a lot on pelvic pain I *decided* I have ovarian cancer..I freaked myself out this past week!!!. But I'm sure there's another reason for my misery..I'll keep looking until I know for sure it's not a mass somewhere.. But just thinking of it makes me nauseous.
My advice is to keep advocating for yourself, and don't rest until you are satisfied, even if that means a bunch of second opinions..
Wish you the best and hugs,

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