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I'm sorry this was such a useless appointment. You are right: most doctors are completely hasty in their so-called "evaluation" and not thorough at all. You will probably also discover that every doctor follows a different protocol when it comes to dysplasia. I have doctors saying no laser for canal disease, but I went to a doctor who lasered canal disease up to CIN 2 (we'll see how that turned out when my repap w/ hpv test comes back). My gyn, who I used to trust, refused to do anything about canal disease when everything I have read including the ASCCP guidelines require some sort of surgical management of canal disease.

Now for the good news. Your pathology report indicates glandular lesion "only." I think this is good news, because mixed disease is (supposedly) very rare. Not only is it glandular lesion "only," the glandular lesion does not extend into the canal. That's excellent news. Canal involvement is bad and not to be messed with. I am not sure why he told you you had a squamous lesion/CIN 3. Perhaps he saw the "in situ" and automatically assumed it was CIN3/CIS. Perhaps because he took it from the ectocervix, he got confused thinking it must be squamous by default because only squamous cells line the face of the cervix. No, that's not correct; glandular lesions can appear on the face of the cervix and CAN be visible on colposcopy although not often. It depends upon the woman and the location and extent of the disease.

In reality, there is no squamous dysplasia identified, assuming your path was correctly interpreted of course. I hope the report clarifies matters for you.

It does not hurt to get second opinions, but learn all you can so you can make the final INFORMED decision as it is your body, because you will likely get a different opinion from each doctor you seek.

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