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I guess if it doesn't come in a few days I'll have to call her.

But I am so pissed right at her right now, the thought of seeing her makes me so angry!!

I don't know what was up with her at my last check up. She kept mentioning if I already had a family, she'd recommend a hyst. I think she was just trying to let me know of that option in case that's what I wanted to do, but that is completely not the way it came off. I also asked her about the preterm birth issue, and she said I was "defintely as risk for preterm birth, especially after having [I]both[/I] a LEEP [I]and[/I] a cone."

I asked her if there was a possibility they would miss something with all my checkups and she said, "Definitely we might miss something." No caveats. No reassurances of, "That's why we have you come in so often." Nothing.

Her whole attitude had changed. I think she was having a bad day, but STILL. My day was MUCH worse than hers. If she's a doctor, she can't be moody around her patients.

Worst of all, she did not tell me that my margins weren't clear of CIN 2. Even though I specifically asked her if there was any more detailed info on the pathology report!!!!!!!!

I found out about the CIN 2 by reading my own pathology report. After my appointment, I went and got my most updated medical records. I opened them to make sure they were all there. And staring me in the face, was "Ectocervical margin contains CIN 2." So, I marched right back to her office and seriously screamed out, "I NEED TO SEE DR. ___ RIGHT NOW!!"

I think they were afraid I would make a scene, so they took me into a room and the doctor came in immediately. She explained it was nothing to worry about. And she does know a lot about CIN, so she's probably right that unclear margins for CIN 2 aren't that big of a deal. But I don't freaking care about that! It's my information! You can't just not tell me!!!

Okay, that was quite a rant. I'm getting a new gyno. :)

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