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One more rant about my gyn: I spoke to her about all my problems with the colposcopy. The vinegar stuff made my vagina swell shut for a week and I had the grossest discharge EVER. Having a swelling vagina also made the procedure quite painful! The thought of having this done every 3 months does not appeal to me, so I spoke to her about ways we could mitigate.

With regard to the vinegar stuff, she said, "You can't be allergic to it. Maybe it's psychological."

YES, I psychologically caused my vagina to swell shut. I psychologically caused huge chunks of crap to come out of me. And only after the colp, not after the LEEP or the cone.

Funny thing is, going into the colp, I was not worried at all! I even told my boss I'd be back to work after the procedure.

But I guess that's the only explaination since I [I]cannot[/I] be allergic to it.

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