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Hi there, the diagnosis you received in November of LSIL - was this through a pap? (I assume so - LSIL and HSIL tend to be a pap result). It is important to know that the pap is only a screening tool and not diagnostic. If the LSIL was through a pap and the CIN2 through the colposcopy biopsy it may be that you hadn't progressed at all but the pap result was incorrect. That being said, it is also completely possible the lesion had progressed - it is difficult to say. Have you obtained a copy of your medical records? If not, I would encourage you to do so. Sometimes having them in hand can help to understand what exactly is going on.
Did they perform and HPV test with your pap? It might be helpful to know if you still have an active HPV infection. The longer the virus is active the more likely it is for dysplasia to develop and/or progress. For most women, a LEEP or conization (with clear margins) will be 90-95% curative. However, due to the ability of HPV to lay dormant for years (coupled with it's ability to cause cancer of the vagina and vulva in addition to the cervix) it is important to keep up with regular smears in the future.
Hi Everyone...
I had the leep yesterday. My kids (3/2) have been sick and an hr before i left i felt like i was coming down with what they had. It didn't help me with my anxiety i'll tell you. But i walked in with my list of questions which honestly, i couldn't see even thought i looked down at the page. The procedure itself was fine. The heart racing...that was scarey but it was just a lot of poking. I covered my eyes for the entire thing, i didn't want to see anything. I asked him to make sure he got it all. Normally i'm the family joker but its more difficult to get jokes out these days. He didnt think the ecc was necessary and he didn't talk about the hpvtest which i have to pay our of pocket her in the free healthcare system of canada. he sure scared me because he said that the pap that revealed cin1, and three mths later revealed cin2 is very possible due to cellular changes rather then the limites of the pap. i was very weak on the way out, i must have looked the part, coz i could see people looking at me in the room. This must have been the bug my kids gave me. but its done. i feel like i miss that little part of my cervix. itsnt that funny.

as you all know you need to be your advocate. my family dr. did my pap in nov. i got a call 8 weeks later with results (can you F**&*N believe that) with Low grade & a 6 mth repeat in may. I insisted i wanted to be refered to a gyn/ob. They looked at me like i was being a freek, they didn't return my calls and i had to go to the office to hassle them for the appt (you need a family dr. referral here) And here we are four mths later with a leep done.

do you ever get back to living a normal life? where it isn't the first thing you think of in the morning when you get up? i asked him how vicious is this virus...when you take as much away from the cervix out, and then a hyst...what then...what else does it attack? and he didn't say much. leaving me to feel a sense of helplessness. i'm so angry for having this. SO ANGRY!

the medical system makes as many mistakes and helps eh. years ago, i had an internal vaginal ultrasound. a newbie did it on me and i wasn't 100% sure that she had a condom on the instrument. she had to call the supie in and i know they didn't put another one on...well days later i had an itching i coudln't understand why....mths later i got diagnosed with ascus....i know i could blame all those shit head boyfriends that i, that i wished would give me the future i wanted but i just can rule out this ultrasound incidence.

so after resting all day yesterday, i'm going to try to have a normal day.

thanks for listening. Take care of yourselves and i pray that we can all get back to being healthy and happy.


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