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I just wanted to get some additional experiences/advice. I'm 27 and have had regular pap smears since I was 15. I have never had an abnormal pap, not even a LGSIL. I decided to switch to a new OB (from a NP) this past year. In doing so, I had to get a pap to get established. The most recent pap I had prior to this was June 08 - which was normal; just like the past 11. I went in this January for my first appointment and pap smear and have been told I have HGSIL. I go in for a colposcopy and biopsy next Friday.

I'm mostly baffled at how I could go from normal to HGSIL in 6 months. Anyone else ever have this happen? It just seems really odd to me. I guess depending on the results, it's a blessing I went in 6 months before I usually would have.

I asked if they tested for HPV (which I had been tested for before, and that was negative) and she told me they didn't even test for it due to the results being HGSIL. She had told me to use condoms - which I was confused on. I've been w/ my husband for 7 years (no, not married that long ;) ) so I wasn't sure if either she did not know I was in a monogamous relationship, or whether I should use them anyway? I should have clarified, but was a bit preoccupied w/ the HGSIL information.

I'm a healthy weight, get regular physical activity, eat well, no longer am a smoker, etc. I've been flaky w/ taking my multivitamin and fish oil supplements regularly.. but have been better since this.

A friend of mine who is a MD said that it is not common to go from normal to HGSIL in such a short amount of time. She said it would be more likely the abnormal test was read incorrectly... less likely that June's test was read incorrectly.. or possible that is it a really aggressive strain of HPV. Still leaves me wondering, W*T*F?

I'm fairly prepared for whatever comes, tx, etc.. The thing that will be the most bothersome is that I do want to have children (currently childless).

Any suggestions, advice, etc?

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