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Hi there --

Luvbug already gave you a good answer, and if you hang around here long enough you'll see that most of us have similar stories. I don't want to scare you with any of our particulars, but unfortunately it does happen that you can have many many years of clean paps, and suddenly have something show up. It's also entirely possible (and even probable) that something was misread, was a false positive, or that any changes seen need to be addressed but are still a long way from cancer. Having the colpo is no big deal, although I would also ask for an ECC at the same time, since that's the only way to find out what's going on further up the canal and make sure nothing is missed. It pinches a little for just a second or two, but is well worth it.

Good luck, and keep us posted!!
Well, I have my results. I'm lucky to have a Dr. who always does an ECC, no asking needed.

She took a biopsy of 3 places along with the ECC. My ECC was normal (thank god).. one biopsy area was benign (i guess inflamed) and the other two were CIS II and CIS III.

I'm scheduled for a LEEP in May. She talked about the potential risks w/ pregnancy.. which worries me. However, i'd rather be sure that everything is removed - and that what is removed can be sent to a lab for further testing.. which I guess is not possible with a cryo. So that's the result so far. She said it was a small area that is concerning.. so I'm hoping that the LEEP removes a minimal amount and takes care of the problem so any future risk to pregnancies is low.

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