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[QUOTE=braveheart226;3920375]I had a was NO big deal. Pop a couple of Advil before the procedure.
As with everything else regarding health, waiting and not doing testing because you are afraid is counterproductive to getting the best care possible and OFTEN wonderful reassurance![/QUOTE]

Yeah, I've had a colposcopy, too. And a LEEP and a CKC. And the colposcopy was BY FAR the worst.

Imagine your vagina is swelling shut, yet you have a speculum in forcing it open. It's NOT FUN. It fact, it's agony. Then my vagina stayed swollen for a week. And the discharge was the grossest thing I've ever seen in my life.

The problem is, it's just too soon, about 6 weeks after my CKC. From my understanding, because I'm healing, it's best to wait to to any tests to make sure abnormalities are actual abnormalities and not from the healing.

I don't see the point of going through the colp just to here the doctor say, "Yep, there's (what's left of) your cervix."

I just want to wait for 3 month check up.

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