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Hi Pickel Eyes and Thanks for u reply i really apreciatted !
I have 28 years old, actually this scared me..if now when i am young my dysplasia recurr or ocurr(i am not sure how is corect)what will happend in the future ...
I take prenatal vitamins because of the high doses of B9, i dring 4 cups of green tea per day , i take echinaceea, i eat a lot of fruits , i dont eat fat ...and seems dont was enouth to keep dysplasia away !
If somebody know more about how i can fight with dysplasia i will really apreciated any advice , because i really dont trust only in surgery anymore, and i am scared i will ones again make the surgery but dysplasia will be back!
I read somewhere about DIM, a substance from brocolli which can help to reverse dysplasia , somebody try this..!?

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