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Posted: 15Dec2010 at 1:27am
Hi, After 3 bad pap smears and two coposcopies I finally went into the cancer treatment center where I live and had the Leep procedure done on my Cervix,Vaginal lining and Vulva.

Going into this procedure I had asked many of the nurses and PA's if anyone had ever had one done and what could be expected as far a pain level and recovery from this laser surgery. Unfortunately there was no one that I talked to that had to have this procedure done. The answers I got were from "Oh, it's nothing" people recover quite quickly and there is very little pain involved to the "I really dont know the answer to your question!"

So, this morning I went in for my procedure. The operating room was scheduled for 30 minutes. When I came out of recovery I had a pain level of about 8 and was given intravenous demeral followed by two percocets. I had painful burning between my legs and was given ice packs to use while waiting to be discharged. My doctor gave me a prescription for topical lydocane. I insisted on pain medication to take home as well.
Lucky that I did! I have spent all day sitting on Ice packs and having one constantly in between my legs. When I go to the bathroom the swelling from the laser has enlarged my insides and it's like it is hanging out from under me! The topical gel helps somewhat for the exposed area but the burning is continous on the inside. The pain medication helps with that. I would recommend anyone having this procedure to insist on bring home a prescription of pain medication and buying in advance ice packs for use at home.
I go back to the doctors on the 21st of December to get the results of my procedure.
I hope this post helps anyone waiting in line to get the Leep procedure done and gives them the information they need to recoup from this procedure as pain free as possible.
I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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