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Hi there --

Sorry to hear that you've been going through this. Pickle and Alix have given you good advice. I've never heard of anyone having that many LEEPs either, although I suspect given your young age they are trying to treat you as conservatively as possible. You definitely want to follow your doctor's advice, although as Pickle suggested, perhaps a referral to an oncologist or other specialist is in order to figure out why this keeps coming back. Do you perhaps have some other type of illness that is compromising your immune system?

No one here wants to scare you, but untreated CIN can turn to cancer -- and that is much worse than having multiple procedures, and can have a much bigger impact on your future fertility and your life!! CIN 1 and 2 can sometimes reverse itself, but since you have had repeated procedures and it keeps recurring, it looks like your body just isn't fighting off what's going on. So, as much as this probably isn't the answer you are looking for, it is imperative to keep going to the doctor and following his/her advice!!!

There will be a point where you can no longer have the LEEP or cone biopsy procedures, as there is only so much cervix! However, there is a procedure called a trachelectomy that removes nearly all of the cervix, but leaves you able to still have children. It is performed for women with early stage cervical cancer (and on some women with problems with CIN and/or AIS). Pregnancies are high(er) risk, but still possible. They remove most of the cervix (and sometimes some of the surrounding tissue, depending on the extent of your problem) and put a stitch around the bottom of the uterus to help sustain a pregnancy. This may be something that you might want to discuss with your doctor as some point. I actually had one three weeks ago for invasive cervical cancer, and so far I am doing very well!! You are hopefully a long way from having to make any such decision!!

So, while you have every right to be concerned about multiple procedures and your ability to have children, there are options that can save your fertility even if you need to do something more drastic. Most important though is removing these bad cells before they can turn to cancer!!! So please, seek a second opinion from a doctor if you can, but don't refuse medical treatment!!

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