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Hello dcmomma,

Hang in there. You are not alone. I too have a simple cyst that I have been watching for over a year and a half now. Since it is slowly getting larger, I will be having it removed at the end of April. I too worry that when they get in there they may find something worse than expected. I have really terrible ovulation pains and have had two incidents of acute pain which felt like huge spasms. I have a feeling that this pain occurs when the cyst is increasing in size and stretching the ovarian tissue.

I have been dealing with this for a long time now and would consult you not to give in to your doubt as it will destroy you. Most likely the situation is exactly what it seems, a simple cyst that is causing you some troubles. You are even younger than I am (I am 42 years old) so it is even less likely to be cancer in your case. But I know how you feel. I too went to see two gynecologists and an oncologist when my cyst was found and everyone said that the cyst is benign. I am now with a very good gynecologist who will be doing my surgery and she is very reassuring.

I also took the CA-125 test which reassured me just a little (this test is notoriously unreliable in premenopausal women like ourselves). I will be having another CA-125 before going in to surgery and I have asked my doctor to put the cyst in an laparoscopy bag before aspirating and removing it. Doesn't hurt to be as careful as possible, even if the thing is most likely benign. She will be taking my entire left ovary so hopefully this won't occur again (my right ovary is fine and will take over).

At least the laparoscopy will mean a quick recovery and not as much pain as a laparotomy. Don't forget to take stool softeners and to drink lots of water and eat lots of fibre after surgery. Your bowels will take time to get going again. I have also heard that women sometimes experience some shoulder pain due to the CO2 that is inserted into the abdomen during surgery (so that they can see). Use heating pads for this and Gas-X for any post surgical bloating. I am sure that we will both be fine and I personally cannot wait to put this whole experience behind me.

Take care of yourself.


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