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A lil confused...
Mar 24, 2009
what is the difference between CIS and AIS?

i'm just wondering because before my ckc i thought the dr. told me i had AIS and from my pathology report it looks like it says CIS of cervix, just a lil confused...

like i had said before my Gyn/Onc said that i was cleared and had nothing to worry about. but yet from reading all these threads i'm wondering where i stand...

i dont understand the pathology report...can someone help me out here
it says conization showing:
-squamous epithelium with keratinization and repair changes..?..what does that mean?
-focal suspicious for low grade dysplasia.
-negative for margins

Endocervical curettings showing:
-endocervical epithelium with focal mild reparative atypia....?
-neg for malignant tumor.

Endometriuml curettings showing:
-proliferative and early secretory endometrium.
and what does that mean?

i'd really appreciate someone explaining to me so i can have a better understanding...when i went to my follow up, the dr. was telling i had nothing to worry about and i didnt get to ask him enough questions since he seemed to be in a hurry..he just sent me on my way said to follow up in 6 months...i'm still alil worried because like i said i dont have a good understanding of what i have? had? if i had or have ais or cis is it gone with the ckc or what?

thanks ladies!!

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