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Victorian, What did you end up doing? I had my LEEP done one week ago as of tomorrow, the blood and most of the discharge is gone, but I still have tiny black pieces of what looks like charred flesh and smells like rotting carcus coming out of me! It smells completelt foul, like roadkill, or a dead body. I had this happen once before, and it was that the dr left some live skin attached to some dead skin that was hanging inside of me! And it worries me that the actual procedure, after the local anesthesia, took literally ONE minute! The smell is getting better, it is still there, but not as ripe, because a couple days ago, I couldn't even stand to be with myself, I have been putting anti-bacterial wipes with aloe vera on the area, because it was burning my outsides too when I peed!! It seems like you and I have the same symptoms, and I am wondering if yours just healed or you went to the dr? I have no more pain or bleeding, just tiny black particles coming out, and that rotted carcus smell, like a corpse or something. I won't even leave the house because I am afraid someone will smell me!! I didn't see the doctor actually "remove" the abnormal cells, so I assume, that this shedding is me healing myself. Because if there were an infection, I would have pain right? I was not prescribed any antibiotics at all. I HATE going to doctors and hospitals more than anything, and since it is decreasing, I am hoping it is just the natural process of healing. < edited > let me know if your symptoms went away on their own, I would really appreciate it!! I had no idea so many of us out there are getting this done. The hospitals are surely making millions from us HPV girls...and we all know it heals itself in 2-3 years. I don't get why they don't just let us heal. Oh wait, I forgot, they probably make $10,000 or better for this 5 minutes procedure! But all the poor women, with fear and what we go through. The last month of Summer and not only can I not swim or bathe, but I can't even go out because of this rotting dead meat smell! Well, thanks for the ear and the help. If anyone has healed naturally after experiencing the foul roadkill smell coming out of your vagina, please let me know. I wish you ladies all the best of healing, health and happiness!!


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